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Residential Pest Control Services

Our programs are designed to reduce rodent populations without harming any non- targeted species such as pets and native animals. This is possible with the use of traps and baits stations placed in and around your home so pets, children or non- targeted animals cannot access the bait.

Thorough examinations need to be made periodically to assure that all points of entry (foundations, utility pipes and wires passing into the house) are secure. These programs also involve advice on reducing the areas that can allow rodents to thrive. We will design a service program and packages to ensure that you get exactly the coverage that you need.

Good housekeeping and hygiene program need to be in place in order to keep rodents out of your house. Removal of all food sources is essential. All foods that are accessible should be stored in metal or plastic containers.


◉ Dusting & placing of rodenticide to their harborage sites
◉ Glue traps are placed in and around your home where pets, children or non-targeted animals cannot access
◉ Setting of traps along rodent pathways