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Bed bugs are extremely difficult to eliminate. And do it yourself measures are typically not effective. So, your first step should be to contact the pest control experts, SITA Pest Control Services.

bed bugs

Our licensed professional Pest Control Operator will start with a detailed inspection to locate bed bugs and their harborage sites. With detailed information we will then develop customized Bed bug program to meet your specific needs.. Control of bed bugs is best achieved by following an integrated pest management (IPM) approach that involves combination of multiple tactics, such as preventive measures, sanitation, and pesticide application to targeted sites.

As Bed bugs are cryptic in their habits, complete control is often difficult to achieve in just one treatment. This is especially so with heavy infestations and thus a follow up treatment is always advisable.

Good hygiene practices are essential for controlling and preventing bed bug infestations along with sealing cracks and crevices to affected areas where possible will discourage repeat infestations.

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